The Risotto Thickens

The trick with Chez Black is to look for the quiet table next to the kitchen, see what the chef and his son are eating; ask for the same.

Over a plate of fisherman’s risotto, a simmering feast of shrimp, crab, clams, mussels and lobster, caressed in garlic and basil sauce, we learned everything there was to know about Tina, everything she wanted us to know.

She said she came from a big landowning family in the Philippines, she was the only daughter. She had met and married her husband in Manila and they lived together in Ireland. Now they were intending to emigrate to Italy, so her husband had sent Tina to Naples to become fluent in Italian.  She said she was vacationing with relatives up on the hill, just outside of the town
I put two and three together, “you mean the Glenmora.”

She looked at me suspiciously,”yeah, how you know ?”


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