Waking Up In Paradise

We woke late in the evening, maybe 8 o’clock. It had been raining, and the terrace was soaking wet. Rainwater poured from the roof but the sky was pierced through with light. I looked over the railings to where the fishing boats were tethered, nestling peacefully. Tinted clouds crossed the indigo sky.

Waking up in paradise

Fishing boats in Positano



5 thoughts on “Waking Up In Paradise

  1. Thanks so much for linking my post! This definitely looks and sounds like paradise!
    Beautiful photo and Italy is on my bucket list! Take care, Lauren 🙂

    • Welcome .. lovely to connect .. and yes… Amalfi coast comes highly recommended 😉

      • I didn’t see an “about” page, so are you in Italy now or is this a past trip that you’re blogging about? It sounds lovely and I look forward to reading more.

      • Sadly no, we are now back in England, and aching to go back to Positano. We are already planning a return trip in July! We live in London, so it is not too far, all told.
        It is such an inspiring landscape, and the people are so unique, that as a writer, or poet, you cannot but record your thoughts, somehow..

        I really like your sensitive poetry, will follow you too .. and thanks again for the follow 😉 let’s stay in touch .. Alice n Jo

      • Hi Alice, It’s nice to meet you! I haven’t been to either place, but hope to in the future. Right now, our money is going towards college for our kids, but it’s all good and very exciting. That’s great to have another trip planned and more things to write about! Thanks for your kind words about my poetry and for the follow, too!
        Have a great day, Lauren

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