About Us

Celebrating Mother Nature

Celebrating Mother Nature (Photo credit: ihave3kids)

We are two women with a long (and getting longer each day) history of being alive; one is a rhythmical, whimsical live wire Italian American called Jojo, and the other is a whimsical, mystical, often abominable, Dublin, ‘cailin’ called Alice.

We feel fortunate to have made it this far in life, without getting run over by a bus.

Therefore, we believe it is our sworn duty to experience the grace and beauty of this glorious planet, known (sometimes derisively) as ‘the material world’.

This rare and abundant star belongs to us all; it is our gift, our home, and our inheritance.  Recently, Jo and I took a short trip to paradise.

Let’s talk about Positano.  

Positano is a small town on the Amalfi Coast, a sanctuary for the soul. We visited at the end of May.  Fabio, who picked us up from the airport, told us that the town has three and a half thousand people, all of whom know one another well. Fabio, claimed to be friends with every single member of the town, except one.  His ex-girlfriend.

This blog is our paean to Positano.

For more information:

Write to us at publish (at) newlondonwriters (dot) com

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I am reminded of Wilde’s perceptive analysis: ‘To live is a rare thing, most people only exist.’ The essence of life is where life dwells. The accidents, the material representations, are but clothes covering a depth of inexhaustible beauty and desire. A font of possibilities, which can be woven into a paean, where life’s ineluctable beauty allows our senses bathe contentedly.

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