Robert Heinlein’s America

Heinlein was a libertarian who believed in a military democracy. That is to say, a wholesome, 1950 s style gung ho military that played a wholesome role in society, protecting it against unforseen ills. He was from a poor, mid-western family that served as a compass throughout his life and career. He was, in the beginning, an army guy with a self-reliance and a total opposition to communism, and a belief in the sacredness of American values. For Heinlein the essential rightness and value of democracy, of business freedom and human liberty, was unquestioned, as understood in that era. His writing reflects such core values in a way that makes them appear alluring, exciting, and natural. In his own way, Heinlein was defending the American constitution and providing a political backdrop to the novel genre he mastered so beautifully, that of science fiction. Personal and individual freedom (of the dominant white American) drove his politics, and his writing reflected his national politics.

End of Times? Or An Entirely New Beginning?

End of Times? Or An Entirely New Beginning?.

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Lychee One of the Worlds Superfruits

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