Mikey Flynn


Mikey Flynn was born in County Clare in Ireland. His parents moved to the Bronx when he was nine years-old, and he has been traumatized ever since.

Mikey’s mother wanted him to become a doctor, (or at least sober) like his dad.  Sadly, Mikey couldn’t cut the mustard, but he did finish his nurse’s training and came to England to join the NHS.

Mikey suffers from xenophobia, mild-psychosis, and ‘bargain-basement’ self-esteem brought about by a failure to live up to his own high-standards.

His writing style depicts a life lived on the edge, and then some.  his humour is tinged with strange humour gleaned from the psychological underworld.

Mikey writes candidly and philosophically about wretched existence, combining strong social commentary with elements of crime and brutality, a genre that allows Mikey to fully explore his chronic state of cruelty. He is working on an autobiographical novel

Flynn’s literary influences are the Italian medieval saint, John Gotti, and Irish writer Maura Laverty, author of ‘Full and Plenty’.

 Read Mikey Flynn’s work 

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