Obama Rap Foxy Knoxy

Obama Rap – Foxy Knoxy from New London Writers on Vimeo.


Space Travel? What For? Asks Lady Bear

Lady Bear Says from a wick on Vimeo.

Intergalactic Space Travel? What for? What’s wrong with Spain? It’s against God and it’s against religion and it’s a plot to destroy the Pope, (and you all know who’s behind that!) It’s outrageous,taking our holy mother’s name in vain with this malarkey. It’s a communist plot and I think they’re all in it together.

Science 101 Audio Book, Part 2


Podcast – A Man Needs A Maid

Podcast – The Night Mick Taylor Exploded

Comic podcast about the night Mick Taylor exploded at the Royal Albert Hall



Podcast – Zombie DIC

Podcast – Science 101

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