Return of The Stranger

Are you two ladies enjoying yourselves? The posh gravel tones of the stranger took us by surprise. Neither of us had been aware of her presence, she had crept up on us unawares. I felt a certain resentment. What business was it of hers? Oh hi, said Jo. It s lovely isn t it? The woman said, leaning casually against the chrome bar, and looking slightly off to her left, like a 1930 s heroine. Poser I thought. She spoke softly, the way people do when they are in a church or a library. We re almost there. She said. I wasn t sure but I thought I almost detected a small hint of relief in her voice. Had she been infected by the odd atmosphere of the yacht? No one said anything more. We stood watching the rock face grow larger, casting cathedral shadows along the shore. For some reason I was tormenting myself trying to remember the stranger s name, what was it? She had told us in the restaurant the night before. It came to me as we neared the end of our camel ride. Margarete . Or at least that


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